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Oi! Made In Malaysia Vol. 1

Unfairground (A.C.A.B)
Violence (A.C.A.B)
Born to be Skins (A.C.A.B)
My Land (The Official) 
Night City (The Official)
Remember Your Roots (The Official)
Kuching Skinhead (The Rudeboys)
Fight (The Rudeboys)
Born to be a True Skin (The Rudeboys)
Kami Yang Disyaki (The Suspects)
Oi! Will Survive (The Suspects)
Running Thru the Night (The Suspects)
Unite (The Maniacs)
Tendencies (The Maniacs)
Your Right (The Maniacs)
Skinhead (Saturday Heroes)
Protest (Saturday Heroes)
Morons (Saturday Heroes)

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