Trojan Rude Boy Box Set

Trojan Rude Boy Box Set (3 CDS) 

CD 1

Guns Feaver (Baba Brooks and his band)
Dance Crasher (Alton Ellis and the flames)
Rude boy gone to jail (Desmond Baker and the Clarendonians)
The preacher (Alton Ellis and the flames)
Gunmen coming to town (The Heptones)
Hooligans (Count Lasher with lyn taitt and the baba brooks band)
Blessing of love (Alton Ellis and the flames)
Dont be a rudeboy (The Rulers)
Soldiers Take Over (The Rio Grandes)
007 shanty town (Desmond decker and the Aces)
 Denham Town (Winston and George)
No Good Rudie (Justin Hindes and the Dominoes)
Rudie Gets Plenty (The Spanishtonians)
Guns Town (Clancy Eccles)
Rudie Bam Bam (The Clarendonians)
Drop the Rachet (Steanger Cole and the Conquerors)
Copasetic (The Rulers)


CD 2

 Cry Tough (Alton Ellis And The Flames)
Rudy Got Soul (Desmond Dekker And The Aces)
Stop Them (Hazel And The Jolly Boys With The Fugitives)
 Rude Boy Confession (Romeo And The Emotions)
Cool Off Rudies (Derrick Morgan)
What Can I Do (The Tartans)
No More Trouble (Lloyd Robinson)
Rude Boy Train (Desmond Dekker And The Aces)
Beware Of Rude Boys (Henry Buckley)
Rudies All Around (Joe White)
Beware (The Overtakers)
Rudies Are The Greatest (The Pioneers)
Why Oh Why (The Black Brothers)
Bad Man (Joe White)
Guns Fever - Blam Blam Fever (The Valentines)
 Rudy A Message To You (Dandy Livingston)


CD 3

Tougher Than Tough - Rudie In Court (Derrick Morgan)
Set Them Free (Lee Perry & The Sensations)
Don't Blame The Children (Lee Perry & The Sensations)
Court Dismiss (Derrick Morgan)
Dreader Than Dread (Honeyboy Martin & The Voices)
Judge Dread In Court (Derrick Morgan)
Some Of Them A Bawl - aka Having A Bawl (The Pioneers)
Stop The Violence (The Valentines)
Curfew (Bobby Aitken & The Caribbeats)
Ratchet Knife (Amiel Moodie & The Dandemites)
Johnny Too Bad (The Slickers)
Johnny Gunman (Jackie Edwards)
Rudie's Medley (Peter Tosh & The Soulmates)
You Can't Win (The Slickers)
Cool Down (The Untouchables)
Hooligan Change Your Style (John Holt)
Simmer Down (Johnny Clarke)

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